Holiday Park Multi-Generational Center
City of Albuquerque
Completed: 2013
Cost: $3.7 M

The Holiday Park Community Center was originally built in mid-1970's as a largely open-air “shelter center”. Kells + Craig was asked to studyhow the outdated center could be expanded or replaced. Significant challenges were overcome in developing the site plan due to the site topography, the need to retain as much of the existing city park amenities and mature landscaping as possible, and to make the center more visible from the street. These factors ultimately influenced the plan layout and made it possible to “recycle” the shelter portion of the existing building, which will be enclosed to become the multi-purpose room.

The floor plan emphasizes good sight lines from the reception area, and interior glazing into program areas to facilitate supervision. To further engage the center with the community, high activity areas are located on the street frontage behind areas of extensive glazing. The material and color palette emphasizes bold accent colors and varied textures of high-durability materials.