KiMo Theater Interior Renovation
City of Albuquerque
In Association with Pearson & Company, Architects
Completed: 2000
Construction Cost: $2.0 M

The project brought the KiMo up to modern theater technological standards, while preserving and enhancing its historic character. A new spacious state-of-the-art control room was built on the main floor of the house. New lighting positions and a lighting bridge above the stage were integrated into the historic design. The bridge is sheathed in acoustically transparent perforated metal, but painted and lit to simulate a "solid" ornamental beam that previously existed in that location before a 1960 fire.

New theatrical lighting slots are inconspicuously cut into the unornamented "sky" portions of the ceiling, and set into vertical shafts to each side of the stage. Sound absorbing acoustical batts in the house are covered with stretched fabric that replicates the original plaster. Increasing the lighting level in the house to meet modern code and theatrical requirements required a new lighting design that balances the overall lighting to avoid "hot spots" and re-creates the ambiance of the original house.

The project received six awards, including two at the national level - a merit award from the United States Institute for Theater Technology and the prestigious National Preservation Award from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.