Red Brick Building
Otero County
Tularosa, New Mexico
2008 - Present

Built in 1917, the Prairie School style building saw generations of Tularosa children pass through its doors. Originally housing all 12 grades, the 21,000 square-foot building was both the center and symbol of its southern New Mexico community.  Unoccupied since the early 1970s, the school is about to begin a new life as a cultural and educational center for Tularosa and Otero County.  Initially the vision of the non-profit Red Brick Building Restoration Foundation, the now county-owned building will offer museum, classroom, meeting room and office space to a wide array of community and educational organizations. The failed roof structure has been replaced, and pressed metal tiles that replicate the originals have been installed.  Future phases of work will include the rehabilitation of the floor structure and the complete rehabilitation of the building’s interior.